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Mission Statement
The Catholic Women's League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the People of God.

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Hamilton Diocese CWL

Policy and Procedures
Table of Contents

These are the current policies and procedures of the Hamilton Diocesan CWL, dated as of September 2016. They are intended as a convenient reference for local council presidents and members. In total there are approximately 47 pages, in the six sections.

1.0  Hamilton Diocesan Council Organization
1.1 Diocesan Council
1.2 Diocesan Executive
1.3 Diocesan Officers
1.4 Diocesan Spiritual Advisor
1.5 Regions
1.6 Regional Executive
1.7 Regional Committee
2.0  Financial Management
2.1 Source of Funds
2.2 Parish Annual Financial Commitments
2.3 Administration Funds
2.4 Revenue Held in Trust for Special Projects
2.5 Signing Cheques
2.6 Annual Examination of Accounts
2.7 Annual Budget
2.8 Reimbursement of General Expenses
2.9 Diocesan Convention Expenses
2.10 Provincial Convention Expenses
2.11 National Convention Expenses
2.12 Other General Expenses
2.13 Emergency Funding
2.14 Expression of Concern
2.15 Receipts of Gifts or Honorariums by Diocesan Officers
2.16 League Development Fund
3.0  Meetings
3.1 Diocesan Council
3.2 Diocesan Executive
3.3 Regional
3.4 Organization of Regional Meetings
3.5 Purpose of Regional Meetings
3.6 Regional Committees Meetings
4.0  Duties and Responsibilities
4.1 Diocesan Executive
4.2 Spiritual Advisor
4.3 Diocesan President
4.4 President-Elect
4.5 First Vice President
4.6 Second Vice President
4.7 Recording Secretary
4.8 Corresponding Secretary
4.9 Treasurer
4.10 Diocesan Past President
4.11 Standing Committee Chairs
4.12 Regional Chairs
4.13 Regional Committees
5.0  Presentations
5.1 Diocesan Officers
5.2 Spiritual Advisor
5.3 Regional Executive
5.4 Other Awards and Presentations
5.5 Frances Lovering Woman of the Year Award
5.6 Recording Secretary's Presentation Pin
6.0  Forms and Sample Documents
6.1 Hamilton Diocesan Expense Form
6.2 Sample Letter to Host of Regional Meeting
6.3 Sample Regional Agenda
6.4 Sample Table Setting — Regional Meeting
6.5 Sample Registration Form — Regional Meeting
6.6 Installation Ceremony for Regional Executive
6.7 Hamilton Diocesan Motion Form
6.8 Written Summary of Oral Report Form
6.9 Nomination Form — Frances Lovering Woman of the Year Award

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