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Creating a Resolution

What reaction do you have to hearing the word resolutions? Of course I don't mean the New Year's kind, though there is a similarity.

Many say that they wouldn't touch that committee with the proverbial 10 foot pole! Believe it or not, for a few, it is the best, most interesting committee of them all! I am one of those.

Look at the topics that have been covered over the years by Catholic Women's League resolutions. The vast majority began with one woman in a parish seeing something that needed "being done".

League resolutions require work, there's no denying that, but anyone who has worked on one would not hesitate to exclaim, "I learned so much!"

But being the resolutions committee chair does not mean that you have to write a resolution.

Probably one of the easiest activities that you can do at a meeting is to look at one of the resolutions in any of the fall issues of "The Canadian League". It will include an appropriate action.

Often the requirement is to write a letter. Come to the meeting with paper and envelopes! Review/study/discuss the resolution or invite a speaker on the topic; compose a short, to the point letter and you are done! Members enjoyed an interesting meeting, with very little work to be done ahead of time. When report time comes in December you can record, "Our council studied resolution number ... [they are all numbered by the year and the order in which they were passed at the convention; eg., 2008.04 Accurate Food Labelling]. The action we took was ..."

How satisfying is that?!

Then your council can take pride in having acted on an issue that has the support of The Catholic Women's League of Canada!

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Bishop

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