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Mission Statement
The Catholic Women’s League of Canada calls its members to grow in faith, and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service.

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Hamilton Diocese CWL
Recent Updates

January 2019

  • Added new National Theme to the top of each wep page, and updated Mission Statement.
  • Added new 2019 letterhead to the Resources page.
  • Added short versions of the National Surveys to Resources page.
  • Added Diocesan Convention information.
  • Added more montages under 100th Anniversary.

November 2018

  • Added a new form for Reporting Deceased Members on the Resources page.
  • Updated President´s message on the home page.


  • Updated the Calendar with various Diocesan workshops dates and information.
  • Moved Resolutions into Resources. This section includes Creating a Resolution and Resolution Process and Timeline. Directives about Resolutions are found under Exec Notes.
  • Added "Writing a Prayer Workshop" and "Anniversary Projects" under 100th Anniversary. The workshop file is the PDF version of the presentation from the Fall Regionals.


  • Added Resolutions Workshp in Executive Notes. This is the PDF version of the presentation from the Fall Regionals.
  • Added fall SPECTRUM.


  • Updated Diocesan Calendar of events to include Regional Agendas.
  • Added September Directives for Legislation in Executive Notes and a note from the President.
  • Added Councils in Action for June, July and August under 100th Anniversary.
  • Also added information about the 100th Anniversary Prayer Book under 100th Anniversary.



  • Added March and April Directives for Spiritual Development in Executive Notes.
  • Added April and May montages under 100th Anniversary. Also added a Scavenger Hunt.


  • Added Diocesan Convention information. Also includes the applications for the Frances Lovering Award, and Convention Incentive Fund for first time attendees.
  • Added January and February montages under 100th Anniversary.

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