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Mission Statement
The Catholic Women’s League of Canada calls its members to grow in faith, and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service.

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Hamilton Diocese CWL
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We are all about faith, fun and friendship!

We invite every woman in the Hamilton Diocese Catholic faith community to become a member of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. By becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to become an active participant with us on your own faith journey.

Since the national organization began in 1920, CWL members have been actively working “For God and Canada.” The pioneers of this organization worked closely with immigrants to help them adjust to a foreign land, and to this day, some councils continue to do this important work.

As the church and the CWL grew, members continued to look at the needs of the local community and set into motion activities that alleviate the anguish and suffering of those less fortunate. Today, we see members involved in every aspect of community and parish life.

Many of you may know that we support all life issues, but did you know that we also support women’s programs in developing countries through MaterCare International, Coady International Institute and the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace?

You may also know that members hold bake sales to raise funds for their many charities, but did you know that members of the national executive meet annually with federal government ministers on issues raised by our resolutions which, in recent years, have included religious freedom, renewable energy, farmers’ rights, abolition of the death penalty, suicide prevention, child poverty and protection of human life?

IF you ...

  • believe in the sanctity of human life,
  • want to develop a deeper spiritual life,
  • uphold the dignity of all human beings,
  • believe women play an important role in church and society,
  • strive to set a Christian example in your home and work place,
  • believe in Catholic education and affordable health services,
  • believe in the power of prayer,

THEN you belong with us!

We want to give you this opportunity to share your God-given gifts with us as we try to affect change in our parish, community, Canada and in those countries that have not been blessed with the abundance we enjoy in Canada. We have members in over 100 parishes in Hamilton Diocese with almost 12,000 members, and each year we raise over $400,000 for the causes that we support. The Catholic Women’s League (CWL) is open to all women of the parish 16 years of age and older.

We encourage you to find out more by talking to one of the members. Send us an email and we will have one of our executive be in touch with you. They will be happy to tell you more about us, our goals and objectives.

Membership in CWL
Send us a request for more information.

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