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The Catholic Women's League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the People of God.

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Hamilton Diocesan CWL

... a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the People of God.

June 2017

Dear Sisters in the League

Thank you for giving me the privilege and honour of serving you as Hamilton Diocesan President for 2017-2019.

Last year we were privileged to go through the “Doors of Mercy”. Our focus over the next two years is for each of us to open our parish council doors wider, welcoming new members, exploring new ideas and trying new initiatives. Keep our communication paths open.

Mother Teresa said, “ We are pencils in the hand of God.” Let’s put our thoughts and words into action. Offer welcome and comfort to the vulnerable, the needy and the marginalized. Promote awareness and respond to the political social issues that affect all Canadians. Be an advocate for human rights and social justice. Take an active role in creation of resolutions presented to government annually on issues that impact families and communities at home and abroad.

Building off our theme, “Inspired by the Spirit, We Respond to God’s Call”, Ontario Provincial President, Pauline Krupa, has asked Hamilton Diocese to focus on patience, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It involves kindness, understanding, endurance, gentleness, a “fellow feeling” or as we can say a “sister feeling,” all at the heart of our League and our work in the future.

With the passing of our dear sister Mary Carlin, I have asked Anna Brady to be our Life Member Liaison and Anna has said yes. Thank you Anna.

There have also been other changes in our Life Member group. We welcome Jeanne Wilson, a life member from Whitehorse, Yukon; and say goodbye to two Hamilton Life Members who are moving:  Mary Jane Yaeger and Theresa Winchester. CLICK HERE to view Anna Brady's latest note.

I look forward to talking with every Parish President in the Hamilton Diocese soon. It is my hope to gain a better understanding of the everyday challenges and successes experienced by our members so that we, your Hamilton Diocesan elected officers and chairs, can serve you better.

Let us ask for strength and guidance from the Holy Spirit to enable us to fulfill the mission that Christ has given to each of us.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us as we continue to serve God, the League and Canada.

God bless,

Joan Schurter
Hamilton Diocesan President

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